May 31, 2016

e-Learning - Upcoming Revit, Infrastructure and Ideate Software Classes

Join the Ideate Tech Experts for eLearning – live online classes that provide your entire organization with easy access to premium education.
6.1::Ideate Software:
Introduction to Ideate Sticky
6.2::Infrastructure 201:
Data Short Cuts in Civil 3D
6.9::Ideate Software:
Auditing Your Project with Ideate Explorer
6.10::NavisWorks 101:
Introduction to NavisWorks Manage
6.15::Ideate 101:
Network License Manager
6.16::Ideate Software:
Revit Model Management with
Ideate BIMLink
6.23::Revit 201:
Conceptual Massing Studies
6.24::Revit 201:
Working With Materials in Revit
6.30::Ideate Software:
Ideate BIMLink for Revit MEP Projects
Each class is designed to give you specific, improved results in a particular topic. You can interact with the instructor right from your own office, while eliminating travel time. Because the class schedule rotates, you can easily select your topics of interest and choose the day which best meets your schedule.

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Classroom Training - Open Revit Architecture, Civil 3D and NavisWorks Classes

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Revit Architecture Fundamentals
6.14-6.16::San Jose
Revit Architecture Fundamentals
6.21-6.23::San Francisco
Revit Architecture Fundamentals
Civil 3D for Surveyors
Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics
7.6-7.7::San Francisco
NavisWorks Fundamentals
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Stop Wondering and Start Coordinating – A Look at The Revit Coordinate System

I have had the pleasure of presenting information related to the Revit Coordinate System to several Revit Users Groups recently. The response has been very well received and, in fact, I've had a number of follow-up questions from customers regarding coordinate system workflows and "what if" scenarios. So with this in mind, the team and I decided it would be beneficial to post some of what I've had the pleasure of covering with these groups.

The specific presentation I want to share with you was put together for the May Seattle Revit User Group (SEA RUG) after receiving many technical support questions from customers who had issues aligning consultant models or needed more information on how the Revit Coordinate system compares to the AutoCAD coordinate system. 
Check out this video and learn more about the Revit Coordinate System and how to coordinate your models internally with your team, or externally with your consultants: A look at the Revit Coordinate System.

If you'd like a closer look at some of the datasets from the video, including the exercise of moving the Survey Point and Project Base Point, you may download the ZIP file here (Revit 2016 format).

I would also encourage you to check out my video: Resetting Shared Coordinates.

And if you find yourself curious about our Revit User Groups, visit our Ideate, Inc. events page and consider joining us next time.

Sash Kazeminejad
AEC Senior Application Specialist 
Sash brings proficiency in Autodesk solutions including AutoCAD and Revit Architecture to Ideate customers. His industry experience includes project management, BIM Management, and design for Architectural firms in California, Montana and Oregon. He is LEED accredited professional and is on track to achieve California licensure with Oregon to follow. In his academic life, Sash was awarded a variety of college scholarships, earned a BA in Environmental Design, a MA in Architecture from Montana State University (MSU) and taught Building Information Modeling courses at MSU Gallatin College. As a Revit Architecture Autodesk Certified Instructor, Sash provides Revit Architecture training and support for AEC firms. Find him on twitter. 

May 26, 2016

Am I in the cloud or not?

The better question is, “How much of what I do with my Autodesk solution is in the Cloud?”

Today everyone throws around the word “cloud” and assumes it always means the same thing. When it comes to your Autodesk solution, the answer is, “It depends on which license you have, which product you use, and the type of subscriber you are with Autodesk.” See my previous blog post, What’s up with Autodesk Licensing? for an explanation about the different licensing types.

Today there are three types of cloud functionality from Autodesk:

1. License Management - Autodesk Desktop products use a license manager in the Cloud.

2. Data Storage and Collaboration - Autodesk360 products offer cloud-based data storage and sharing. This enables designers, clients, engineers, architects, and contractors to review, share, and comment on 2D and 3D models, floor plan markups, and budget spreadsheets from their desktops and mobile devices. The viewer supports more than 50 2D and 3D design file formats, including those from Autodesk, Solidworks, CATIA, Pro-E, Rhino, and NX.

3. Cloud Services - By adding Autodesk Cloud Services to your subscription, you get virtually infinite computing power and, for select products and suites, exclusive access to cloud-based services, such as rendering, energy analysis, design optimization, and robust collaboration. By performing computer-intensive functions in the Cloud, you can explore and visualize more design options, streamline collaboration, and optimize your designs without investing in expensive hardware.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss the options and determine which is the most cost-effective for you. And keep an eye out for my next blog post, “How Suite It Was.”

John Souza
Director of Sales
John Souza started on the ground floor with Autodesk CAD, selling solutions since release 10. In the nearly 30 years since, he's worked to grow his expertise with each Autodesk solution, weaving a career around cutting-edge 3D design software sales.

He has proven success in building high-performing sales teams in the Civil Engineering and Government sectors, he's managed and led business development and sales teams for Autodesk and Advanced Solutions. Joining Ideate, Inc. in 2003, he was initially the Manufacturing Solutions Director then worked to expand reach within the AEC community as Director of Business Development. Today, as Sales Director, he leads a dedicated team working to connect architects and designers with best-fit design technology education and implementation solutions.